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We are a fledgling social network for the cricketing community… but that’s about to change! Share your thoughts, write blog posts, show your favorite team, boast about your favorite cricketer and much more!

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We are a social network that encourages members to Rant ‘N Rave all they want without censorship. If you are fed up with Facebook, this is the place for you. BLOG

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Not exactly from MSM but you get cricket news, entertainment, etc. all hereĀ  from a member’s perspective.

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Mathilda Brinker

Amazing Community


Mathilda Brinker
Los Angeles, CA
Mark Valentine

This is the Best Social Network ever!

Been looking for a new and better home for a while now. Fuck Facebook!

Mark Valentine
Long Island, NY
Nicholas Grissom

Incredible Design!

I love the layout. Definitely a lot more interesting things to do on the site other than just make posts. I can start my own blog, promote my business, get answers from the forums and ever shop here. Everything is in one convenient location.

Nicholas Grissom
San Francisco, CA

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